The Crew

Fewer than 100 women have rowed an ocean as part of an all-female crew.

Sylvia Cook was the first woman to successfully row an ocean, rowing the Pacific with several stop-offs over the course of nearly a year.

50 years on, we want to build on that legacy and push the boundaries of female achievement.

In doing so, we want to raise money for the wonderful charities we're supporting, and make a meaningful difference to the lives of those they support.

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Felicity Ashley

Rowing Experience
Rowed competitively at school and represented Wales in the Home Nations, but that was decades ago! Before having children I loved what I now call ‘mini endurance events’ – Ironman, triathlons, marathons, even a quadrathlon – but nothing on this scale.
Reason for taking part
Being a busy working mum coupled with having a hip replacement in 2019 left little room for sporting prowess. But with the baby years behind me, I’m ready for a new challenge.

When my sister, Pippa, suggested it after supporting her husband/my brother-in-law in 2019/20, I jumped at the chance. What an amazing experience to share with my sister! I want to push myself to the extreme, mentally and physically, to see how I react and learn more about myself.

But more than that, it’s really important to me to show my children that anything is possible with the right mindset.

Pippa Edwards

Rowing Experience
Rowed competitively at school but haven’t been in a boat since. I’ve completed lots of ultra-marathons – including the Marathon des Sables – but this is on a totally different scale.
Reason for taking part
Supporting my husband, David, who completed the race in 2020 planted a seed, and seeing our children’s excitement and pride at following him convinced me that I could do it too.

Being a mum is the most incredible job I will ever have and I feel truly blessed to have four wonderful children. But it’s totally all-consuming.

I want to do something for me, that challenges me in so many different ways and is an adventure that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

And my kids – I want to inspire them and open their eyes to the opportunities life has to offer – regardless of gender.

Jo Blackshaw

Rowing Experience
Rowed competitively at school and for Great Britain in a pair in the Junior World Championships in 1991. Rowed in the Oxford Blue Boat in the Women’s Boat Race 1992…..almost 3 decades ago! My rowing experience has not stretched to enormous waves though!
Reason for taking part
I have always wanted to test my own mental and physical resilience by taking part in an Atlantic row.

Being a mother is the most rewarding and humbling experience.

When Pippa suggested it, I jumped at the opportunity to be further humbled by the ocean and to be part of a team of inspiring and gutsy women. Together we can show children and women of any age that they can do anything they put their minds to.

Lebby Eyres

Rowing Experience
In 2019 I returned to rowing after a gap of 24 years., currently rowing for the Lea RC in Hackney. The last time I rowed before that was for England in the Home Countries regatta in 1995, winning Gold in the women's eights. As Tideway Scullers, the same crew won Gold at the National Championships, and in 1994 I stroked the Oxford Blue boat.
Reason for taking part
I might be a latecomer to the crew but actually I feel that fate has led me to this point. I first heard about the row when I met Debra Searle two years ago. Her inspiring story piqued my interest, and then I went on to interview Kelda Wood, the first solo adaptive rower to do the challenge.

At that point I'd never considered doing it, until my friend Jo told me she was doing it. I felt jealous - not everyone's reaction, admittedly - and began to wonder if I could do it. Now I have that chance.

My daughter, Ines, 14, has recently started rowing. I want to show her and my 12 year old son, Vincent, that we are capable of amazing things, if we put our minds (and bodies!) to them. I want to see how far I can push myself.

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