Mrs Nelson

Mrs Nelson is a 28 foot R45 ocean rowing boat, with 3 rowing positions. She was the first R45 to be built and is a veteran of the seas, with 4 Atlantic crossings under her belt.

As we well know, with age and experience come knocks and scrapes, and she’s needed a fair amount of TLC over the winter to restore her to match-fitness (a little more still to come!). Ocean rowing boats are small, but perfectly formed. The two tiny decks each end are just about big enough to lie down in, and serve as bedroom and living room. The bathroom is on deck (a bucket or jug).

The kitchen is a brilliant jet boil. Solar panels on the cabins and deck power essential equipment including satellite phones, navigation and a water maker - enabling us to turn sea water into drinking water.

Everything we need for the crossing is stowed away in the hatches and pouches - so packing light and knowing where everything is is paramount. Safety is key to the design.

The boats are built to self-right if they capsize, and we’re assured are virtually unsinkable - even if broken in half!

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